To Heal All With Skill and Trust.

Keeping our promise.

For surgeons, what we do isn’t a profession; it’s a calling.

Everything we study, practice and sacrifice is to serve our patients and communities. Surgeons work to keep one simple and powerful promise:

To Heal All With Skill and Trust.

A Message from Our Executive Director.

Now more than ever is the time for surgeons to recommit to the values that drive us. We are excited to announce a new effort to remind patients and our communities of the unique role of surgeons in society and, importantly, to remind ourselves of what it takes to earn it.

Click below to read a statement from ACS Executive Director David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS.

A male surgeon speaking with a female patient sitting on an examination table in a doctor’s office.

To Heal All …

As surgeons, we don’t discriminate about who we treat or who can join our ranks. Through outreach, scholarship programs and other efforts, we advocate fearlessly to improve the lives of every patient we treat, our field of practice and all our members.

Operation Giving Back

Resources to facilitate humanitarian outreach among ACS members of all specialties

Jacobson Promising Young Investigator Award

Recognizes outstanding surgeons demonstrating early promise of significant contribution to the practice of surgery and the safety of surgical patients

… With Skill …

Training, promoting excellence and expertise in surgery are core to what we do, and we work ceaselessly to improve our capabilities and skills in all facets of our lives.
Two surgeons performing surgery in an operating room.

Division of Education

National and international education and training programs to promote excellence and expertise in surgery

Surgical Education and Self-Assessment program (SESAP)

Premier educational resource for practicing surgeons

Clinical Congress

Best-in-class educational event focused on the latest advances in surgical science, practice and education

Female surgeon comforting senior female patient lying in hospital bed.

… and Trust.

Trust must be earned, and we have been working to earn and keep this trust over decades of hard endeavour. For nearly a century, ACS has implemented leading quality improvement programs that lead to greater access to high quality surgical care for patients.

ACS Quality Verification Program

Verifying quality across all surgical specialties


Transforming health-care resources to increase value and efficiency

About ACS

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) was founded in 1913 to foster the highest ideals in the practice of surgery, including providing opportunities for the continuing education of surgeons, improving patient care and upholding the ethical practice of medicine.